Chauniece Conner Thompson


Chauniece Conner Thompson is a professional specializing in Human Resource and Management Consulting. She obtained her B.S. in Finance from the University of Memphis. Her experience over the past 20 years includes a progressive mix of Corporate Recruiting and HR Consulting. Some of her many strengths include full-cycle recruitment for high volume, professional, and management level positions; maintaining client relationships, building vendor relationships with local and national recruitment media, and credentialing for prospective new hires. As a recruitment consultant, Chauniece, managed recruiting procedures for mass hiring initiatives and strategic planning, effectively led recruitment strategies to fill corporate level and above positions, in a variety of business disciplines.

With her pervasive skills and experience, Chauniece presents a straightforward insight into corporate image and consultancy and in the process helped corporate bodies and individuals to authentically define, differentiate and systematically achieve their goals in a competitive human resource environment. Chauniece likes to engage and unlock potential clients and transform individuals through skills training and acquisitions. Chauniece is confident through honest and open communication she can bridge the gap by understanding her client’s needs while guiding exceptional talent throughout the recruitment process.